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New builds

75t systeem Decap straatorgel De Harp

The "Nederlands Boekorgel Centrum" (NBC, or Dutch Bookorgan Centre) can construct an incredibly wide variety of organs in its workshop. We have many decades of experience when it comes to building organs and can use it to build and restore all kinds of mechanical musical instruments. The organs are built to traditional standards of the previous century, and organs in the style of Carl Frei, Limonaire Frères, Th.Mortier, Gavioli & Cie and many more can all be built to the exact specifications with which they would have left their respective workshops back in the days.

Whether you want a dance organ, street organ or simply separate components, nothing leaves our workshop until it meets our customer's demands. The NBC has also built up a network of experienced craftsmen who help in making sure your item fulfils its demands to the letter. Whether you need brass trumpets, sculptures or paintings, the NBC can supply it.

Apart from brand new organs, we can also aid you in expanding or upgrading your existing organ. The NBC can also be of service when it comes to control systems.

U ziet dat u naast nieuwe complete orgels ook perfect geholpen kunt worden bij uitbreiding of upgrading van uw bestaande orgel. Ook op het gebied van besturingsystemen kan NBC u van dienst zijn.

NBC straatorgel De Cornelis LeendertTogether with traditional keyframes for book organs, the NBC has developed a perfect MIDI-driven system. This system has proven its worth and reliability, and needs very little space.